Moving Prices In New Hampshire

We Gaurantee You The Most Bang For Your Buck!

Our moving pricing structure is very straight forward. Other moving companies in New Hampshire raise their prices in Spring in Summer and drop their prices in fall and winter. We don’t agree with that philosophy, dictating when our customers should basically plan on moving to save money, its ridiculous. Our rate stays the same year round! Rain, sleet, snow or shine you can rst assured knowing you can count on us for one simple and affordable service and rate.

Our Rates & Services Summarized

  • $85 per hour for 2 men and a truck, add an additional $25 per hour per man
  • All moves are at least a 3 hour minimum
  • All moves include drive time – the clock starts when the crew leaves our parking lot
  • Fuel charges – There are none within 20 miles of Londonderry, fuel charges are added by exact calculations after 20 miles from our warehouse at $3.50 for every 10 miles (example – if we drive 25 miles to your house 10 miles to your storage unit, 5 miles to your new house and 30 miles home the fuel bill would be calculated like so: total miles on trip 70-20 miles free=50 miles/10 = 5×3.50 =  $17.50 for fuel added to the bill) We really hate having to do it, but fuel is just so expensive with these big trucks to drive 70 miles when we charge such a fair rate for our moving services
  • Free 25 book boxes to use to pack when you book a move with us*
  • We will remove and recycle for free any unwanted televisions, freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, computers, computer monitors when you book a move with us, a complimentary service by our sister company Trash Can Willys!! You tell us what you don’t want and we can remove it + if there are items we cannot take for free that you need to get rid of we can handle that as well for a small charge, no sense having to deal with two companies when we can just handle both for you! :)
  • Need those old boxes removed after you’re finished unpacking in your new home? No problem for $20 we will come out pack them up and recycle them!


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